Philosophy and Orientation

Many streams flow into the river that has become my practice, philosophy and orientation in psychotherapy. We are all meaning makers in our lives. At times we make meanings that allow for richness, creativity and vitality. At other times the meanings that we make may lead to pain, isolation, emptiness and compromised aliveness. At such times, making sense of our experience with another becomes one option for recovering the aliveness and vitality that has been lost or weakened.

The psychotherapy relationship allows a fine-grained attention to ongoing process both verbal and non-verbal. Patterns of self-regulation that are enhancing can be recognized and supported, while those ways of making meaning that lead to painful states of mind, as well as difficulty in relating with others, also emerge. In the “safe emergency” that psychotherapy allows, new ways of experiencing can be tried on and integrated. A deep curiosity about one’s own functioning can begin to develop and be nourished through the process of making sense together in the therapy relationship.

I believe in working together to create a collaborative, non-shaming, creative therapeutic environment that allows exploration and experimentation in living with vitality and zest. I invite you to meet with me to determine if the way that I work and think is a good fit for what you need in your life at this time. I look forward to meeting you.

Other Services

I provide consultation and supervision for psychotherapists and counselors. I have 25 years of supervisory and consultative experience and find that part of my practice rewarding both personally and professionally. My philosophy of consultation/supervision is congruent with my practice description. I am particularly interested in helping clinicians maintain their sense of aliveness, creativity and vitality in their work with clients. In addition, in collaboration with my colleague Carol Swanson, LCSW, we offer training in Relationally Oriented Gestalt Therapy. See for further information on available programs and opportunites for training.

--Jeffrey Sher